Website Changes Due to FDA Regulation, and Sales Reopened to California and Texas

August 8, 2016

As of today the FDA's Deeming Regulations took effect. For our online customers there are is only one large change that has been made. All orders placed after today will require age verification before we can process the order. Due to this, we have disabled the feature to check out as a guest, you MUST create an account before you check out. If you already have an account created, the only delay will be with your first order after August 8. A member of our team will call you and request your date of birth, while on the phone with you, we will run your date of birth, name and address through our third party age verification company. Most people have no trouble and will be able to be verified with that information. However, in certain circumstances we may have to request additional information. After that point, you will continue to order just as usual. 

If this is your first purchase with us, your will need to create and account. Please make sure to enter your exact date of birth, or this may cause delays in processing your order.

We are happy to announce though that because we now have this age verification software implemented, we can once again resume shipments to California and Texas! If you have any questions regarding this new age verification process, please do not hesitate to contact us! 


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