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Here at Quick nic Juice we strive to make the best e-liquid on the planet. All of our e-juice is made fresh, with every order. We do our very best to have a quick turn around time, so you have your e-juice when you need it, but it may take 2 to 4 day to process during busy times. We have a great variety of tobacco flavored e-liquid both regular and menthol, robust coffee, great fruity flavors, and even some wonderful flavors for that sweet tooth out there. So if your looking for just one 5ml bottle, sample packs, 15ml bottles or 30ml bottles, rest assured you will be getting great tasting, quality, fresh e-juice quick.

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This 555 is our take on the classic 555 tobacco flavor.

Blueberry waffles drizzled in maple syrup! Who could ask for a better morning vape?

This is a QNJ naturally extracted tobacco flavor made from a fresh light cigarette blend.

This is a QNJ naturally extracted tobacco flavor made from a fresh light cigarette blend with menthol.

A naturally extracted, fragrant tobacco flavor. A perfect imitation of your favorite red cigarette!
A naturally extracted, fragrant tobacco flavor with added menthol. A perfect imitation of your favorite red menthol cigarette!

This is great warm apple pie flavor. Just like Grandma makes!!!

A perfect imitation of your favorite apple rancher candies!

Cocktails anyone? A sweet, fruity and refreshing banana vape!

A great creamy banana flavor!!!

A rich chocolatey, nutty, banana-y awesome flavor!

A crisp, sweet blend of berries! A MUST try!

Just like your favorite cereal! This is the first in what we hope to be many in our cereal line!

A delicious Black Cherry flavor that you know is da bomb!

A sturdy coffee flavor. Good to the last puff.

A sweet and smooth flavor, almost exactly like the fruit!
A tangy blend of berries! Awesome for a hot summer day!
A tangy blend of berries and lemonade! Awesome for a hot summer day!

A strong blueberry flavor, sweet and delicious!

A Blueberry Crumble, cinnamon, the only thing missing is the hot coffee!!

A popular smoothie combination brought over to the vaping world! This awesome combo of blueberry and pomegranate will leave your mouth watering!

Bubble Gum at its yummiest!

This is a wonderfull butterscotch flavor. It has a full bodied taste and a great draw.

It will be a cakewalk to pick this flavor!! The creamy goodness of vanilla cake batter whats not to like? So goahead and lick that spoon, momma wont smack you for it!!!

A candy apple flavor straight from the fair ground!

A delicious coffee flavor. Strong undertones of caramel and expresso.

A spicy, earthy and fragrant flavor! Spot on to your favorite Chai Tea!

Remember those frosty and sweet drinks from your childhood? Take a trip down memory lane, this flavor is spot on!

There is nothing "Tootsie Roll-ish" about it. Just the chocolate taste you crave!

Mmmmmm DONUTS whats not to love. Just the chocolate taste you crave!

Rich milk chocolate with the great nutty flavor of hazelnut behind it.

An amazing blend of chocolate, fruit and tobacco flavors! A must try!

This is a wonderfully sweet cinnamon coffee flavor!!!

This is a great cinnamon danish flavor!!!

This is a strong cinnamon red hot flavor!!! This one goes great with menthol added, a great fire & ice sensation in your mouth.

This citrus bled packs a punch!!!

We start with a QNJ naturally extracted tobacco flavor, and top it off with a great touch of clove for a wonderfully balanced tobacco vape.

A fresh, sweet coconut flavor! Transports you to a beach on a tropical island!

If you like warm sugar cookies this is the flavor for you. Enjoy your favorite treat with out the calories!!!

Don't knock it till you try it! A delicious cool cucumber flavor!

A tobacco flavor right out of the old west! Sweet but earthy.

A deliciously fruity cranberry and apple combination! A must try!
A sweet and tangy cranberry flavor! Tastes like it was picked right off the bush!
Sweet ice cream at its finest! This flavor will take you back to the days of the ice cream truck!
A sophisticated mint liquor flavor!
A perfect sweet and sour blood orange flavor!

A rich tobacco flavor, straight from Havana!

This is a really delicious Dragon Fruit flavored e-liquid. Sweet but not too sweet.

The great sweet flavor of English Toffee, just like Grandma used to make.

"The flavor that is so indescribably delicious, the name speaks for itself!!" SK

An extreme blend of cinnamon and menthol that will indulge all the senses!
You will find this flavor lurking somewhere between a field of mint and a glacier!
A blend of cinnamon and menthol that will indulge all the senses!

This is a QNJ naturally extracted tobacco flavor made from a great Fire Cured blend.

A Quick Nic extracted tobacco flavor. Made from nothing but a fresh premium peach tobacco.

This French Toast flavor will have you from the start. A great maple soaked french toast with a small dusting of cinnamon on top!!!

A sweet and earthy vanilla flavor!

This is menthol taken to the extreme! For all you menthol lovers out there we have taken our extreme ice recipe and doubled it for you!

Remember fruit roll-ups?

A smooth slightly rich cola with a spicy backbone and finish!!

A unique creamy melon flavor! Light and refreshing!

Smells like christmas! This gingerbread flavor is good all year round though!

This is a QNJ naturally extracted tobacco flavor made from a sweet vanilla tobacco pipe blend.

A near indescribable flavor! Graham crackers? Cinnamon? Butter? Who cares.... Tasty!

This is a QNJ naturally extracted tobacco flavor made from a wonderfully sweet english pipe blend.

A deliciously fruity grape flavor!

A great grape popsicle flavor, without the sticky fingers afterwards.

A fresh, crisp guava flavor!
Gotta love those yummy little bears!

Nothing sweet about this QNJ naturally extracted tobacco flavor. We make this extract from a flavorful blend of Virginias, Perique, unsweetened Black Cavendish with a dash of Latakia and a spoonful of rich cigar leaf.

A sweet, nutty hazelnut flavor!

A QNJ naturally extracted tobacco flavor made from a Turkish Tobacco.

Cool and crisp, like that clean mountain air!

A great Juicy Fruit!

If you like the candy bar your sure to love this sweet treat.

An awesome, succulent, juicy... peach!

Coffee with the sweetness of Kuhlua how could you go wrong there!!!

A deliciously fruity Kiwi flavor!

Strawberry? Cheesecake? Custard? Bliss.....

A Quick Nic extracted tobacco flavor. Made from nothing but Acid's Kuba Kuba Cigars. This e-juice carries that distinct flavor of the cigar that many love.

This sweet treat will quickly move up into your daily rotation. A great lemon meringue pie flavor to die for!!

Sweet and sour at its finest!

Crisp and refreshing! Just like mom used to make it!

A deliciously fruity Lychee flavor!

A deliciously sweet mango flavor!

A sophisticated blend of southern comfort and whiskey!

Somewhere between a cantaloupe and a honeydew melon! Sweet and refreshing!
The perfect after dinner treat!

Even Andes couldn't blend this better! Your sure to love this juice!

Grab your buttered popcorn and settle down for a night at the movies!

A smooth nutty tobacco! Naturally extracted right here at Quick Nic!

This Original Tobacco flavor is a great alternative to the old analog. This is a complex tobacco flavor earthy with a hint of sweet and a touch nutty. You will forget all about the pack and lighter after this one.

A slightly different take than our original RY4. We start with a QNJ naturally extracted fire cured tobacco flavor, add some naturally extracted vanilla tobacco and top it off with a touch of caramel.

A blueberry cotton candy! Just like at the fair!

An awesome combo of mango, papaya and a couple other flavors we keep in our top secret recipe file!

A deliciously fruity Passion Fruit flavor!

A light and bright peach flavor that is sure to be one of your favorite juice's.

A delicious peanut butter cup flavor! Just like the candy!

An awesome combo of peanutbutter and banana! Satisfies all the cravings!

Starlight Star bright, I wish I may I wish I might, have my peppermint tonight. This liquid has a traditional peppermint flavor.

Quick nic Juice cannot be held responsible for any personal injury sustained, or any injury caused to any third-party, arising from a failure to comply with these warnings and instructions on this site. By buying this product, you (the consumer) agree to enter into a legally binding agreement to take this product at your own discretion and risk.  Any product that contains nicotine should be kept up away & out of reach of children. Nicotine is a highly addictive and poisonous chemical and should be handled with caution. This product should only be used by smokers over 18 years of age.