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*What produces that smoke like vapor?

 Propylene glycol, and or vegetable glycerin make that magic mist.


-Propylene glycol is a colorless, nearly odorless, clear, viscous liquid with a faintly sweet taste. It is used as a solvent for food colorings and flavorings. It is used as a moisturizer in medicines cosmetics foods and lotions. It is also used as a cooling agent in beer and wines.


-Vegetable glycerin is a thick, colorless and odorless organic compound. Its uses are many such as filler in low fat foods and a thickening agent in some liquors.  It has been used to treat bed sores, calluses, and psoriasis. It is also used in pharmaceuticals, beauty products and even as a laxative.


*How long does a battery last?

Well this all depends on the model cigarette you have, how often you use the pv throughout the day, and your care of the battery. A brand new battery lasts about four hours, with constant use, before needing a new charge.


-You should never leave your battery in a cold climate. This will shorten the life of your battery. Don't leave your battery on its charger for longer than needed to charge, it will fry your battery. We sell the 510 and the charge time is about an hour after the initial 8 hour first time charge. If you have a manual battery, make sure to store it in a place that doesn't "trip the switch" or else you end up with dead battery and a dead atomizer.


*So how long does a cartridge last?

Some company's would have you believe that a cartridge will last you through 20 conventional cigarettes. We believe it is about half that depending on your personal usage.  We suggest you "top" off your cartridge to make it last longer.



*How do you top off your cartridge?

 To top off your cart, simply put a few drops of juice on to the filler. It should appear “slushy” not puddled.  An empty cart will take 2-3ml’s of juice. Make sure when filling an empty cart that the juice gets to the bottom of the filler. Having a toothpick or paper clip handy should help.


-Do not overfill the cartridge. You should be putting just enough juice on the filler to make it wet. Overfilling the cartridge may flood the atomizer causing it to break or produce low amounts of vapor. Also, an overfilled cartridge has a habit of "bleeding out". You will end up with a mouth full of liquid nicotine. The vapor tastes good, but e-juice is not fruit juice and you will need to rinse out your mouth asap.


*How long does the atomizer last?

From one month to many months. Atomizers are delicate and should be treated that way. There is a small metal wick inside the atty that draws the liquid out of the cartridge. This wick is only lightly attached. Avoid dropping your cigarette or touching the wick because once the wick is detached the atty won’t work. Thick or syrupy liquids reduce the life of an atomizer. Atomizers get dirty and there are many cleaning methods out there, but none that we will recommend except to let your atomizer drain out wick side down overnight every so often. Again if you have a manual battery, try to avoid pushing the button when you’re not using your PV(personal vaporizer/e-cig) as this will cause your atomizer to burn out.


A brand new atomizer has primer on it. This is not e-juice and has a terrible taste.  The taste will disappear within the first few “draws”. The primer is put there by the manufacturer simply to test the atty to make sure it is working and to keep it moist.



Quick nic Juice cannot be held responsible for any personal injury sustained, or any injury caused to any third-party, arising from a failure to comply with these warnings and instructions on this site. By buying this product, you (the consumer) agree to enter into a legally binding agreement to take this product at your own discretion and risk.  Any product that contains nicotine should be kept up away & out of reach of children. Nicotine is a highly addictive and poisonous chemical and should be handled with caution. This product should only be used by smokers over 18 years of age.