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 Hello QuickNic,

My name is Seamus M and I just received my first order from you and am blown away by two things.

Thing 1) When I read about your juices and went to your site and placed my order I was confronted by the worst posting a very new vaper wants to see, "we will be closed down from 7-23 to 8-1 for vacation." Oh no, that wasn't there when I first got to your site at around 4:30 on 7-22, but it was just after I made my purchase around 5:15p.m. And to my most amazed astonishment you saw and shipped out my order on the way to your vacation. Thank you so much for doing this as I thought I was going to have to wait until your return, jonesing to find out why everyone who has had your juice praises it so highly.

Thing 2) You really have managed to bottle Colonial Virginia in your RY4. My family has been from the tidewater VA and Chesapeake Bay area since before the first colonists arrived and we have until recently been involved with tobacco and many of the Virginia pursuits that evoke feelings and emotions from throughout the history of our region of the country. On the very first vape of your RY4 the entire history of tidewater Virginia was right there on my taste buds and in my lungs, bringing back everything that I have loved about about who I am and where I am from. It is the taste of workshops wood and blacksmith, of cooking over an open hearth, of curing tobacco in the same smokehouse for centuries, of the soil of tidewater Virginia, of all the holidays and special occasions celebrated and most of all the taste of a home that has been standing absorbing the lives of those who have lived there and well loved since the 1680's. This is to me one of the most incredible flavors that I have tasted in my life as it is able to bring such emotions and memories from throughout the history of my family and our homeland with each vape. Thank you for creating such an intoxicating flavor capable of bringing back so much to this displaced tidewater Virginian. Now I will have all these wonderful memories to comfort and remind me of where I come from every time I vape.
If you ever have the chance to make it to a place like Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia take this juice with you, smell everything you can, breath deeply, eat the fried chicken ham and steamed crab, swim in a river or the ocean, visit a wood working shop and a smokehouse, speak with the people and vape this juice and I think you will be able to experience for yourself what I am talking about. Your RY4 is absolutely beyond anything I could have ever expected or imagined. It truly is the taste of my tidewater Virginia.

Thank you so much for your unimaginably addictive RY4. Your RY4 has since its arrival become an ingredient in every tobacco juice I use. On its own it's a pure experience of flooding memories, better yet I've found that just a few drops added to all the juices I didn't like very much makes them very tasty indeed while adding the throat hit and vapor that was severely lacking before its addition. So thank you once again, this time for making juices that I was vaping only for the nic fix now taste and perform so much better. There is one slight drawback to your RY4 however, it is so tasty that I can't stop vaping the stuff and now I fear that I am more addicted to this flavor than any tobacco I ever inhaled. 

Your RY4 is the first juice that I have encountered that has truly inspired and shown me that vaping can be so much more than smoking. I can really taste the love and care that you have put into this juice so that every little puff I take puts a big smile on my face.

On my order, in the leave a comment box, I dared you to turn me into a Quick Nic junkie and you have far surpassed my challenge. Your RY4 is so good I feel like I should be making shady deals in alleyways and street corners for this stuff. Great Work Quick Nic! You have created a Dom Perignon of RY4.

Sincerely Quick Nic Junkie # 142,
Seamus M

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