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5pack dcc   5 Pack Dual Coil Cartomizer Stainless
5555   555
1001   555 Tobacco
WB   9-AM
1054   Aloha Punch
1023   Analog Light Menthol
1002   Analog Lights
AL   Analog Lights
1003   Analog Lights Menthol
ALM   Analog Lights Menthol
1004   Analog Red
ARe   Analog Reds
AReM   Analog Reds with Menthol
1072   Apple Pie
AP   Apple Pie
1098   Apple Rancher
ARa   Apple Rancher
Aro   Aro Pyrex Tank
BCol   Banana Colada
1073   Banana Cream
BC   Banana Cream
BD   Bavarian Dream
BJ   Beetle Juice
BCr   Berry Crunch
BAp   Big Apple
1034   Black Cherry Bomb
BCB   Black Cherry Bomb
1028   Black Coffee
BCo   Black Coffee
1033   Blackberry
Bb   Blackberry
1036   Blue Razz
BR   Blue Razz
1037   Blue Razz Lemonade
BRL   Blue Razz Lemonade
1035   Blueberry Blast
BBl   Blueberry Blast
1074   Blueberry Crumble
BCru   Blueberry Crumble
BPo   Blueberry Pomegranate
1099   Bubble Yum
BY   Bubble Yum
1075   Butterscotch
BSc   Butterscotch
1076   Cake Walk
CWa   Cake Walk
1100   Candy Apple
CA   Candy Apple
CCa   Caramel Cappuccino
CT   Chai Tea
CI   Cherry Icee
1077   Chocolate
Cho   Chocolate
1078   Chocolate Glazed Donut
CGD   Chocolate Glazed Donut
1079   Chocolate Hazelnut
CH   Chocolate Hazelnut
1080   Choconilla Haze
CHa   Choconilla Haze
1081   Cinnamon Coffee Cake
CCC   Cinnamon Coffee Cake
1082   Cinnamon Danish Swirl
CDS   Cinnamon Danish Swirl
1101   Cinnamon Red Hot
CRH   Cinnamon Red Hot
1055   Citrus Punch
CP   Citrus Punch
1005   Clove Cove
CCo   Clove Cove
CN   Coconut
1083   Cookie Sugar?
Csu   Cookie Sugar?
1065   Coolcumber
CCu   Coolcumber
1006   Cowboy Killer
CK   Cowboy Killer
1038   Cran Apple
CAp   Cran Apple
1039   Cranberry
CB   Cranberry
1084   Creamsicle
CSi   Creamsicle
CM   Creme de Menth
1066   Crème de Menth
1040   Crimson Orange
CO   Crimson Orange
1007   Cuban Cigar
CCi   Cuban Cigar
1041   Dragon Fruit
DFr   Dragon Fruit
ego900   e-Go 900mAh Battery - Black
starter2xego   e-Go Starter Kit - 2x 900mAh Black
starterego   e-Go Starter Kit - 900mAh Black
18350   Efest IMR 18350, LiMn 800mAh Battery
18500   Efest IMR 18500, LiMn 1100mAh Battery
18650   Efest IMR 18650, LiMn 2000mAh Battery
eGo-Charger   eGo Pen Battery Charger
Trident   EHPro Trident V2 RDA
1085   English Toffee
ET   English Toffee
1029   Enigma
En   Enigma
1024   Extreme Fire & Ice
EFI   Extreme Fire and Ice
1025   Extreme Ice
EI   Extreme Ice
FI   Fire and Ice
1008   Fire in the Hole
FitH   Fire in the Hole
1009   Fired in Georgia
FiG   Fired in Georgia
PackKangerDual   Five Replacement Kanger Dual Coils
PackSmok   Five Replacement Smoktech Single Coils
1086   French Toast
FT   French Toast
FV   French Vanilla
FB   Frostbite
1102   Fruit Stripe
FS   Fruit Stripe
1056   Fukola Cola
FC   Fukola Cola
FM   Full Moon
1087   Gingerbread
GBr   Gingerbread
GN   Godz'Nilla
1010   Godz’Nilla
GC   Graham Central
GNi   Grandpa's Night Cap
1011   Grandpa’s Night Cap
Gr   Grape
1042   Grape Freeze
GF   Grape Freeze
1043   Guava
Gu   Guava
1103   Gummi Bear
GB   Gummi Bear
1012   Habana Daydream
Ha   Habana Daydream
1088   Hazelnut
Hz   Hazelnut
1013   Hump Back
HB   Hump Back
1026   Ice
Ic   Ice
SVD   iTaste SVD
VTR JC   iTaste VTR Jungle Camo
VTR SS   iTaste VTR Stainless
1044   Joosie Fruit
JF   Joosie Fruit
1104   Joy of Almonds
JoA   Joy of Almonds
JP   Juicy Peach
KP2   Kanger Protank 2
KP2R   Kanger Protank 2 Replacement Glass
KP3   Kanger Protank 3
Kanthal   Kanthal (3ft)
KC   Keoke Coffee
King-Brass   King Brass Mechanical Mod by HCIGAR
King-SS   King Stainless Steel Mechanical Mod by HCIGAR
Ki   Kiwi
KW   Klone Wars
Kraken   Kraken Clone by HCIGAR
1014   Kuba Kuba
KK   Kuba Kuba
LMP   Lemon Meringue Pie
1089   Lemon Meringue Pie
1058   Lemon-Lime Slushie
LLS   Lemon-Lime Slushie
1057   Lemonade
Le   Lemonade
Ly   Lychee
MM   Magnificent Menthol
1045   Mango
Ma   Mango
Man   Manhattan
1046   Merry Melon
MMe   Merry Melon
1027   Miah’s Magnificent Menthol
1067   Mint Candy
MCa   Mint Candy
1068   Mint Chocolate
MCh   Mint Chocolate
1090   Movie Night
MN   Movie Night
NF   Nuckin Futs
1015   Nuckin’ Futs
SingleKangerDual   One Replacement Kanger Dual Coil
SingleSmok   One Replacement Smoktech Single Coil
Single dcc   One Single Dual Coil Cartomizer
1016   Original Tobacco
OT   Original Tobacco
1017   Our Why Qu4tro
OW4   ouR whY qu4tro
1105   Papa Smurf
PS   Papa Smurf
PPu   Parrot Punch
PF   Passion Fruit
1047   Peach
Pe   Peach
1091   Peanut Butter Banana

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