International Orders/Shipping

Quick Nic Juice has always done everything in its power to provide great e-liquid to consumers across the country, and recently across the world. At this time however, we regret to inform our international customers that we will no longer be accepting international shipments. We realize that we do have many people across the world that are interested in our juice, but at the current time it is not economical for us to continue. With e-cigarette laws ever changing, we can not monitor the situation in each individual country. We do not want to promise a product and then have it seized in customs resulting in a loss for both our customers as well as us. If you are an international customer, we are working to expand our reach into our most popular international areas, and find distributors, and companies within your country that can handle our liquid in bulk. Effective February 12, 2016 if you have placed an order with a shipping address outside of the United States your order will be cancelled, and a refund with be issued to the credit card that the purchase was made on. We sincerely apologize for this, but we are going to continue to work to provide our juice to our international customers.

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