120ml Bottle Changes

Over the last two weeks our in-store and online customers may have noticed the change we made in our 120ml bottles. We have been receiving many inquires about this, and we wanted to address it. 

The old 120ml LPET bottles have been used by us for almost two years, and had always measured at 120mL. Approximately six months ago, we received a large shipment of them, and soon realized that while the bottles were advertised as 120mL, they were totaling just shy of 140mL. So we began filling them to 135mL, and assumed our next order would be correct. However, we received another order and again they totaled just shy of 140mL. We realized that this would not be a long term solution to continue to provide the addition 15mL of liquid. Due to that we made the switch to the new twist top bottles which measured out to a true 120mL. 

We have had many inquires recently about this, and we hope you can call understand why this change was made!

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  • THomas EUbNks

    hi, my juice finally came in. it only sat at the Fox Valley post office for 2 days this time. maybe because I sent them an email to check on it. Who knows. the bad news is this chocolate glazed donut tastes nothing like what your usual is. I can’t even vape it. it’s got a bad pungent taste to it. it doesn’t even smell the same. I got some bad CGD like this from you once before and you checked what you had ready on hand and said it had gotten old. I’ve also gotten a couple of other flavors that’s had this same bad pungent taste to it so I don’t know if it’s the ready mixes that get old and make it taste like this or part of the mix that gets old. you said you were going to have to make the CGD flavor fresh every time. Even though it’s my every day all day vape, I only order 30ml at a time so it won’t get old. I don’t know what the shelf life is. if I did maybe I could order more at a time. I still have the full 60 ml bottle that you told me had gotten old and I tried it next to this and they taste exactly the same. I don’t know if that’s the problem this time or if something in the mix has been changed, all I know is I’m unable to vape it. if you don’t mind answering my email and let me know which it is. if nothing has been changed and it’s just gotten old I’ll buy some more if you could make me some fresh. if something has been changed I guess I’ll have to find me a new flavor. thanks Tom Eubanks order #2126 30 ml chocolate glazed donut

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