Indiana/California/Texas Regulations

Due to regulations within Indiana, California, and Texas we are unable to continue shipping to these states. 

California and Texas have both passed legislation required age verification of the customer prior to shipment of e-liquid or e-cigarettes because they have classified them as a tobacco product. We are working to integrate an age verification service into our website, that will verify your information against government databases, but at the current time we do not have access to those services.

Indiana has passed strict legislation on the production of e-liquid. While our lab meets the standards set forth by their state, we do not meet their security standards. The security standards state that we must have 24-hour off site video surveillance through an independent security company, as well as special locks and keys that can not be duplicated. We also must apply to a permit within the state to be able to send e-liquid. At the current time we do not see being able to do business with our customers in the near future.

If you place an order with the SHIPPING ADDRESS in one of these states, your order will be cancelled and fully refunded. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, but please understand that we are working as quickly as possible to try to begin service in California and Texas again as soon as possible.   

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