House Blend

As Quick Nic Juice, and the vaping industry continue to grow, there seems to be a lot of change going on. One of the big changes we would like to inform you of is a change in our "House Blend" of VG in our liquid.

When Quick Nic Juice first opened for business, the products that were on the market could not handle a high amount of VG. For that reason, the house blend of our VG was set at 30%. Over the last two years, the industry has grown incredibly quickly, and the technology within the industry has advanced. With all this advancement, we would like to acknowledge that our "House Blend" was a little bit out of date.

With the tanks currently on the market, we felt that we should increase our "House Blend" from a 30% VG to a 50% VG. There are a few reasons for this. First, and foremost, the tanks that are available now (yes, even the starter kit tanks) are for the most part bottom coils. This allows constant contact of this wicks with the liquid. With that in mind, a smaller tank like a RBC can handle a slightly thicker liquid. Secondly, with many of the sub-ohm starter kits on the marker (i.e the JoyTech eGo One, and the Kanger Subox Starter Kit) they will not work effectively with a 30% blend, but will work with a 50% blend. This allows someone that is just getting into vaping, and making a purchase with us to guarantee that they are getting a liquid that is going to work with their device. 

This change in ratio should not affect the flavor of your liquid at all. It simply thickens to juice slightly, and produces a slightly thicker, more fully feeling vapor. We encourage your to try the new "House Blend" for yourselves!!

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