Massachusetts and Texas Regulations

In the ever changing industry that we are apart of, we must constantly be changing to make sure that our online sales are in accordance with all states regulations. The newest regulations that have caught our attention are in Texas and Massachusetts. If you currently reside in one of these states, have no fear! We are not discontinuing service to you, we just need a few extra things from you to ensure that we meet your state regulations. 

For Texas, it is very cut and dry, and has been written out in SB 97. This bill now states that we must age verify for all orders from Texas. So what does this mean for our customers in Texas? Effective October 1, we not must obtain, and maintain age verification from the customer. So when we receive an order from you, we will give you a call. We will only need one thing from you, a copy of a state or federal issue ID with your name, and birthday on it. Feel free to block out any other information on it (i.e license number). Once we have this you are good to go! The only other difference is that we must send the package requiring a signature from someone over the age of 18 when it arrives at the destination. After we have received your photo ID for the first time, we will never have to ask for it again! You will be able to order normally, and we will ship it as normal, just with the adult signature required. 


Now Massachusetts is a little more difficult. E-Cigarettes have been making quite a stir there, and there is no cut and dry regulation on it. However from digging around, and making a few connections, it seems that e-cigs now fall under tobacco laws. The tobacco law states that any tobacco product (i.e cigars) purchased online require age verification, and an 18+ signature on delivery. So even though it is not clearly stated in any house bill, we feel this is the best way to protect ourselves and our customers in Massachusetts. Age verification, and shipping will work exactly the same way that it does for Texas. 

We hope to make this process as easy as we can, and hope to maintain our quick shipping for all of our great customers in Texas and Massachusetts! If you have any questions regarding these new policies, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 815-315-8523 option 2 when prompted!


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